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5 Reasons Your Planner is Failing You

Happy Wednesday everybody, tomorrow is the Day-of-Giving-Thanks! The holiday season is officially here, and with it comes lots of important dates, to-do lists, and finals season (yikes!). Whether you love or hate planners, it’s times like these that require you to keep one just to stay sane for the next couple of months; personally though, I’m a …

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On Love And Being Okay With Being Alone

Earlier this week I wrote about self-love and how putting yourself first is the ultimate key to success. Removing ourselves from situations that don’t serve us or that hinder our growth is one of the first actions towards self-prioritization, not just professionally or academically but also emotionally. In every single one of your relationships, you are the most important …

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Side Hustle- 17 Halloween Scholarships (2018)

October can be spooky, but paying for college doesn’t have to be! Start off your week with these seventeen different scholarships for October. HELPFUL HINT: Looking for something in particular? You can hit Ctrl + F to search for keywords! Commitment to Our Homes Scholarship– Oct. 15 Must submit an application as well as a (1,000 word …

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4 Ways To Fix Black-and-White Thinking

Problems arise all the time, but how you register them defines how you react to them, so it’s important to pay attention. It’s human nature to want to see a situation as simply as possible, but when you fail to give nuance to it and don’t consider the gray area there is a lot of room for error. Unfortunately …

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