A Letter to My Younger Self


Dear Younger Self,

I am not the person you wanted me to be, in fact I think in some aspects I am the complete opposite of what you envisioned. I’m not what you dreamed of, but let me tell you that you will be grateful for that and that it’s probably for the best you did not get what you wanted. You’re actually not going to get a lot of the things that you wanted but I am still here, alive and more than satisfied with the cards I’ve been dealt. You heard that right: rejection will become a huge part of your life, but you need to learn to look past it and continue with your endeavors. Rejection will not only make you a tougher person with greater aspirations and a greater drive, but it will also steer you towards the direction you’re meant to take.

I want to tell you to please be kind to yourself and realize that if you cannot accomplish everything you plan for yourself that is okay. Stop beating yourself up over situations that were out of your control. You are so forgiving with others but you need to learn how to forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself but stop over-indulging so much. You really need to stop looking at things in black and white and allow yourself to be in the middle. You really don’t realize how easier life becomes when you stop aiming for extremes.

On that note, being an overachiever is good sometimes but you need to prioritize and learn efficiency. You may impress somebody by going above and beyond what was expected, but being extreme every single time will only drain your energy away from things that really matter. You don’t have to always prove you are capable, and you don’t have to prove anything to anybody but yourself. You do not owe anybody an affirmation about your abilities nor do you owe them any explanations. With that being said stop going out of your way for people who refuse to even put forth half of the effort you have. Stop trying to seek validation from others.

Be realistic. By that I don’t mean you should not dream big, but look into what it is that you’re dreaming about and don’t just chase based on appearances. Do some research before you put yourself into a situation that could have been avoided, but also do not over analyze. There are some people you should have said yes to, some events you should have spontaneously showed up to, and some opportunities you should have accepted. You are far too naïve but also far too critical, and you don’t have that luxury because life is short and regrets are real.

Above all, enjoy everything and everyone right now. Stop being in such a rush to grow up, and stop surrounding yourself by people who have no positive influence on you just because you want to be well known. Show your parents you appreciate them more often, and actually sit down and watch that movie when they ask you to join them instead of saying you’re too busy. Share more smiles, give more hugs, and stop looking at your phone all the time.



An Older, Not-So-Wiser Self


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