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Hello hello hello y’all! Spring semester is in full swing and the to-do lists seem to never end, however I can thankfully say I have resisted all temptations to spread myself too thin (because that’s an actual issue for me, as if I wasn’t already type A enough). I’ve made a couple tweaks on the appearance of my blog and hope it’s nothing too drastic or complicated. While I’m so excited to finally be building the Wavy Girls brand I feel that in prioritizing the website I’ve been hiding my own personal presence on the blog, so I thought it’d be nice to share with you all what’s going on with my life right now and where my mind’s at. I believe in being completely transparent with y’all so I hope you enjoy seeing what my agenda consists of!

Wavy Girls

If you haven’t noticed, Wavy Girls is in the process of a huge makeover and I’ve got lots of stuff planned for all of you. Aside from getting a domain and website (shout-out to Diana!) I’ve got a list planned of amazing young women to interview and lots of fire content that hopefully you will all enjoy. My aims are set high, unfortunately I’m having some issues with the photography aspect; my dorm room lacks natural lighting, and I’m not the best photographer, but I’m sure I’ll be able to bypass that obstacle. (In the meantime, any suggestions are more than welcome in the comments section!) I’m also struggling with my tendency of watering myself down when writing pieces that will be shared publicly, but I know that with time and practice that will fade. In the meantime, stay tuned for some new lifestyle content, including fitness and crafts, and make sure you’re subscribed!


I don’t believe I’ve formally announced this on here, but last spring semester I was making moves with a small group of friends to try to start NYU’s first Latin dance club, and since you all know I don’t take no for an answer Ritmo is now in its second semester now and thriving unlike anything we ever expected! I am so blessed that we’ve received so much interest in just our first year and that I get to work with such an amazing and energetic team. We’re currently at over 200 members and have a whopping 40 dancers participating in our spring performance. While it can be overwhelming and trying at times, I’m so grateful that I’ll leave my mark on campus and that I get to share dance with people of all different backgrounds and levels. I’ve had so many people thank me personally for creating this space and it’s what keeps me going when I feel like giving up.


My Etsy shop has gone through so many different transformations since I launched it back in 2010, yet it still stands as humble as ever. I must admit, in the last couple of years I have not been dedicating any time towards Pinklot (formerly called Pofibon), however after discovering entrepreneurship as my calling I realized I was doing myself a disservice by being “too busy” for it. It’s going to take a lot of social media and outreach, and again I have to deal with my need to retract away from attention and actually claim my talent, but I’m excited to see what direction Pinklot will take. I recently was able to put up a booth at NYU’s Artist Market and got a lot of exposure there, but I know it’s going to require a lot more than that. (If you have some time follow the new Instagram page: @shop_pinklot)

My Research

After spending part of my summer in Mexico interviewing countless women and collecting primary sources, I’m finally analyzing my findings and putting it all into written words! It took forever to find enough time to just sit down and write everything, but it’s over halfway done thanks to my amazing research mentor Zeb Tortorici at NYU’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Mariology in Monterrey (its temporary/unofficial title) will discuss how embedded the story and image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is in the history, nationalism, and culture of Mexico, particularly in the city of Monterrey, and how she influences the daily lives of women through her identity as a woman, mother, and intercessor. Through the analysis of thirteen different interviews I navigate the different themes of Mexican identity and history, religion, motherhood, and feminism. This whole process has been one of the most amazing learning experiences I’ve had at NYU and have pushed me to think beyond the obvious; I truly believe everybody should attempt to take on research during their college career.


I’m currently juggling two jobs, both which I really love and am grateful to have. My first involves running a mentorship program with a (kick-ass) team where we assign NYU students as mentors to high school students in the Bronx. Through this program high school students prep for college, internships, and life after graduation; we teach them invaluable skills for becoming the best students they can be. It’s been such a rewarding experience and I cannot wait to see the growth in both the mentors and mentees at the end of the semester. I also recently left my job at the Student Health Center to become an Information Assistant with the University Learning Center. While it’s not much different responsibility-wise I do get to interact a lot more with students, and I’ve met so many great people who I get to spend my time with at work. Both my jobs are satisfying and are a nice buffer in between classes and extracurriculars.

Fitness… maybe?

For those of you who follow me on Snapchat and Instagram, y’all know I’ve gotten really into fitness. Like, really really into it. I started working out since even before I can remember because I always saw my mom exercising at home, but I’ve just recently realized how it’s such an essential part of who I am and how much I truly love it. I don’t workout to lose weight; I genuinely enjoy the feeling I get over pushing my body’s limits and feeling stronger and more powerful than the day before. While I’ve always loved running and lifting, I’ve recently started going to boutique gyms like SoulCycle and Box + Flow which have really allowed me to feel like I’m a part of a bigger fitness community. Because of that I’ve been formulating in my mind how I can make a career out of something that I love, but in the meantime this will stay in the drawing board.

All in all, I believe I’ve finally found a realistic balance in all of my responsibilities, and although I’m never not busy I can honestly say everything that I do is done with so much love and ambition. I’m curious as to what projects you all have going on! Do you believe you’ve found a balance?

Image Credit: @majaseferovic’s Instagram

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