Side Hustle- 27 Scholarships for April

Academic Scholarships

Here’s some exciting news- there are so many different scholarships to choose from, everybody is bound to find one for them!

AFSA High School Senior Scholarship– April 1st

Scholarship is open to high school seniors who are citizens and aliens legally residing in the United States. Applicant must read the “Fire Sprinkler Essay” and then take a ten question multiple-choice test. Student will receive an entry into a drawing for each question answered correctly. Ten (10) scholarship awards available worth $2,000 each.

College Success Scholarship– April 1st

Fill out a short application form, which includes two short essays (no more than 150 words each). Must be a U.S. citizen/resident enrolled in college/university. One scholarship award for $1,000.

EGIA Foundation Scholarship– April 1st

For students in 2-year college, vocational, or technical school. High school seniors, graduates, or GED-holders eligible to apply. Only the first 350 applications will be considered. Up to twenty (20) scholarship awards for $2,500. More details found on the website.

Regent Restoration Disaster Relief Scholarship– April 1st

Must write an essay (minimum 250 words) answering the following prompt: In light of the recent hurricanes that have been striking the U.S., what’s the best way to prepare for a hurricane and what should you do after the storm passes to remain safe? Open to all students over the age of 18 with an .edu e-mail address. One scholarship award for $500.

The Swackhamer Disarmament Video Contest– April 1st

Make a video of 2 minutes or less about the role that young people have in abolishing nuclear weapons. It can be what you or other young people are doing now, or an idea of what you think can be done. Three total awards for $500, $300, and $200.

Thrivent Student Resources Scholarship– April 1st

No essay: just fill out a short application form. Must be 18+ and currently enrolled in school. New York and Florida residents not eligible. A total of eight (8) $5,000 scholarships are available.

QualityBath Scholarship Program– April 9

Submit one of the following answering the prompt “Convey the beauty of humanity: a good deed you witnessed or envision, in a way that will inspire others.”: 1) An essay up to 1,500 words long. 2) An image (up to 8.5″x11″) with a description. 3) A video up to 90 seconds. Must be a high school senior or enrolled in college/university with a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0. One scholarship award for $1,500.

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes– April 15

Open to U.S. and Canada students between the ages of 8 and 18 who are currently working on an inspiring service project or have done so within the past 12 month and are working as an individual to lead their service work. Winner will receive a $10,000 cash award. More details found in the link.

NGA Scholarships– April 15

More than 15 kinds of scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $8,00 available for rising sophomores through postgraduate students enrolled in a 2 or 4-year program. Must be majoring in Business, Food Management, IT or other focuses leading to a career in the grocery industry. Click link for details on each scholarship.

Real Estate Elevated Scholarship– April 15

Must submit a three-minute video explaining to or showing the value of education and how gaining a higher education can help establish success in the world of business and entrepreneurship. One scholarship award for $1,500.

Rules of Renovation Scholarship– April 15

For details e-mail Must submit a three-minute video where you explain to or tell Hilary Farr why you value education and how you think gaining a higher education will propel you in the world of business and entrepreneurship, and upload it to YouTube. One scholarship award for $1,500.

Students for Church and State Separation Essay Contest– April 15

Must write a 750-1,200 word essay answering the question “What do you think has been the greatest threat to church-state separation in the past year?” Open to high school juniors and seniors. Three scholarship awards available: 1st place gets $1,500, 2nd place gets $1,000, ad 3rd gets $500.

Women in STEM Scholarship– April 15

Write a short 500-800 word essay about your favorite app. For women pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree majoring in science, technology, engineering, or math. High school seniors welcome to apply. One scholarship award for $3,000.

NCITD Scholarship– April 27

Open to both U.S. citizens and non-citizens. Must be currently enrolled and pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree related to international trade studies, such as political science, international relations, economics, international business, international law, international finance. Must be at least a junior during the 2018/2019 academic year. Must submit a transcript, a letter of recommendation from a sponsoring NCITD member, employer, or professor, and a brief personal statement. An unspecified number of scholarships will be given worth $1,000.

The Keren Goldenberg Public Defender Intern Scholarship– April 29

For any law student, college student, or high school student who is presently or will be interning at a public defender office during the school year or upcoming summer. Must submit application with transcript, student aid report, short open-ended responses, and optional resume or recommendation letters. One scholarship award worth $1,000.

A Voice for Animals Contest– April 30

Participants must currently be attending middle or high school, or be home-schooled, and less than 19 years of age on January 22, 2018.17 scholarships worth up to $5,900 will be awarded.

“A Voice for Cats” Essay Contest Scholarship- April 30

Must submit an essay explaining how to best promote the most humane treatment of felines, as well as a brief personal bio. Must be currently enrolled in, or enrolled to begin higher education studies in the fall semester 2017. One scholarship award for $1,000.

All About Education Scholarship– April 30

Must submit a 250 word essay answering the prompt “How will a $3,000 scholarship for education make a difference in your life?” Must be over 13 years old and be currently enrolled (or enroll no later than the fall of 2024) in an accredited post-secondary institution of higher education. One scholarship award for $3,000.

Belltown Spine and Wellness Scholarship– April 30

Must write a 1,00-1,500 word essay answering the prompt: “What do you see as the biggest challenge facing holistic and natural healthcare today?” Must be a current student in the U.S. going into or currently studying holistic medicine, chiropractic, massage therapy or acupuncture. One scholarship available for $1,000.

Crossword Hobbyist Crossword Scholarship– April 30

Must create a 15×15 newspaper-style crossword puzzle on Crossword Hobbyist. Open to current or incoming undergraduate students who will be enrolled for the Fall 2018 semester. The winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship and a free lifetime subscription to Crossword Hobbyist and My Word Search. Up to five (5) finalists will also be awarded a free lifetime subscription to Crossword Hobbyist and My Word Search.

E-Waste Scholarship– April 30
Must write a 140-character statement that completes this sentence: “The most important reason to care about e-waste is…” Open to high school, undegrad, ad grad students. Must be a U.S. citizen or resident. One scholarships award for $1,000.

Gayborhood Scholarship– April 30

Must submit an essay (500 words maximum) outlining your service and passion for the LGBT community. Open to all US citizens 17 years of age or older that have been accepted to and/or are attending a full-time higher education program by an accredited institution in the United States. One fall scholarship award for $1,000.

LabRoots Scholarship– April 30

Open worldwide. The program welcomes applications from students needing support for research projects, travel expenses, and training supplies associated with their academic pursuits in one of the STEM fields. Must submit a resume and project proposal (250-4,000 words). Must be enrolled or accepted for a graduate or undergraduate degree in the STEM fields. One scholarship reward for $3,000.

Lisa Michelle Memorial Fund– April 30

For students that have lost a parent to substance abuse, whether it was caused by drug, alcohol, or prescription drug addiction. Must fill out an application and submit 800-1500 word essay answering the questions on it. Open to high school seniors and current college/university students. One scholarship for $1,000.

Munley Law School Scholarship– April 30

Must write a 500 word essay or record a 5-minute video answering the question: “What amendment to the Constitution is the most meaningful to you, and why?” You may also make a PowerPoint presentation. Must be over 18 years old and currently enrolled in college/university. One scholarship award for $5,000.

RentHop Scholarship– April 30

Must submit an essay (under 500 words) talking about how technology will affect college students. Must be a current undergrad or graduate student. One scholarship award (in cash) for $1,000, plus the option to intern with RentHop.

SixStar Scholarship– April 30

Sports/fitness focus. Must submit a written essay under 1,000 words or a three minute video explaining how you excel in all three aspects of your life, including: athletics, academics and community involvement. Must b currently attending post-secondary education institution or a high school student planning to attend starting fall 2018 (18 to 22 years of age). One (1) male and one (1) female will receive a $15,000 scholarship.

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