Meet Victoria

Currently a fourth-year student at New York University double majoring in Mathematics and Economics and minoring in Global and Urban Education. As a Mexican immigrant from a low-income background who is the first in my family to attend college in the states, I know first-hand how challenging and discouraging it is trying to break the “glass ceiling”. My hardships, however, do not define my future. Through hard work, sacrifice, and faith I have successfully been able to fund the entirety of my education with scholarships and have pushed myself to leave my comfort zone by taking advantage of all the opportunities the city has to offer.

Wavy Girls are intelligent and driven: their ambition leads them to destinations and accomplishments they never imagined and their independence pushes them to take responsibility for their own success. They are dynamic, invested in their vision, and give back to the community. Wavy Girls don’t take no for an answer- they are the authors of their own success stories.

Wavy Girls’ mission is to inspire and uplift girls to break the glass ceiling with a little bit of flair. Through this blog I wish to encourage other girls to overcome adversity and reach their highest potential by sharing my story and vision while also encouraging a little fun here and there! My dream is to open a non-profit organization for young minority girls who wish to pursue a career in the STEM fields but lack the resources or feel discouraged from pursuing a higher education due to financial or personal circumstances. When I am not in Bobst studying for my next math exam or in the gym working out so I can make space for more food, I run an online Etsy shop- Pinklot– selling handmade crochet dolls. I am also a fan of fashion on a budget and painting, and I love spending time with family and friends.