My Evolving Journey As an ‘Athlete’: How Fitness Changed My Outlook On Life

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It’s officially spring! Okay, maybe it doesn’t feel like it here in the east coast but fear not because warmer days are ahead of us which means better weather for running! If you know me you know I live a very active lifestyle- I’m most definitely always doing something, whether it’s kickboxing, SoulCycle, or weight …

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Wavy Girls Spotlight: Interview With Mathematician and Author Cathy O’Neil

Good Reads STEM Wavy Girl Spotlight

Hello hello everyone! How is everyone enjoying this (chilly) spring break? If you remember, last month I wrote about three super insightful books that I thought everyone should try reading and in that collection was one book in particular called Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil. If you missed the post, here’s a recap: …

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